We are SAFE!

I remember it well a year and a half ago!  I was scared and confused.  November 2019, we woke up to school being cancelled and news of missiles flying into Israel!  https://notinamericaanymore.com/what-a-day-missiles-target-israel/Here we are AGAIN today, with reports of missiles coming in and lots of messages from friends and family back home asking if we are ok.  We were safe then and we are safe now. The situation in Jerusalem so far has has no impact on daily life here.

What I learned that day a year and a half ago prepared me for a much different experience today.  Back then, I was shocked at how life continued as normal here, even as the reports kept coming about missiles flying in the south of Israel.

I went to the shop across the street from our apartment and when the shop owner asked how I was, I said I was “ok considering what was happening”.  He asked me “what was happening?” and I reminded him of the missiles. Knowing we were new to Israel and Americans, he casually said, “Oh yea, it’s your first time.”  I remember thinking that was an unusual response.

Now, I’ve seen how Israeli’s continue living their lives in the midst of being targeted by bombs.  I heard about the bombs last night when Jim and I were at dinner.  The restaurant wasn’t any less full and the news didn’t dominate any conversations we could hear. 

There were a few Facebook and parent whatsapp group discussions to remind people what to do if they hear sirens. School for us was not cancelled, but we read schools and businesses without bomb shelters were asked not to open today.  Most places here, including apartments, all have bomb shelters.

I went out for my normal morning run and it actually seemed more busy at the beach than usual. The sea was packed with surfers, the path was jammed with runners and cafes along the way were starting to fill up.

Another trip to Carmel market was the same, no one seemed to alter their daily routines.

I know Israeli’s put a lot of trust in their Iron Dome or middle defense system which I’ve seen many photos and videos of the missiles being intercepted in the air. 

It’s a terrible situation with a long history behind it.  Josh is at his boarding school now, living with Palestinians and Israelis together…all friends. I can only imagine their conversations today.  All this to say, right now my family is safe.

Does this ring a bell? Have something to share?