Visiting Caesarea

Saturday morning, I woke up to my friend on the other line saying, “Pack your swimsuit and a towel, we are going to Secret Beach today.”  Since I was half asleep, I didn’t have a chance to think about it.  The next thing I knew I was rushing around trying to get the kids up, dressed and out the door in less than an hour.  This isn’t easy on a weekend morning with my crew.  So, we hit the road on the way to Caesara. 

We had heard of this city, but had never visited like many other places in Isreal.  The long lockdown prevented us from going many places in the past year.  Places are finally opening back up again after the country’s successful vaccine drive and we are excited to see more!


It was a short 40 minute drive with no traffic and the perfect day to visit the beach in Caesara for the first time. 

The ancient city has so much history in the ruins. There is a national park here so you can hike, a visitors center where you can learn more about the history and several restaurants with stunning views of the sea.  Our goal today was just to see the beach.

We arrived early for breakfast and the place was almost empty.  The restaurant has a great view overlooking the water below. 


The water was calm, so Mika went out on the SUP with our friend and his daughter. 


Jim and Summer hung out in the beach area.  The beach was rocky, so Jim taught Summer a skill he learned as a kid…skipping rocks.   It took Summer a little practice, but she learned quickly.

After eating breakfast, we walked to find an empty spot on the beach. 

This happened in a matter of seconds and I now understand why they call it “secret beach”.  This beach was a stark contrast to the packed beaches we left behind in Tel Aviv.  It was quiet, calm waters and relaxing.  Jim and I left the kids with our friends for a short time to hit the SUP ourselves.

After spending more time at the beach, we headed back to Tel Aviv just after lunchtime.  We quickly realized why our friends had woken us up early to get here.  By the time we left, the place was packed!  A Deejay had set up at the restaurant where we had our quiet breakfast earlier.  There was also a crowd waiting to enter at the gate.  Luckily, we were LEAVING not COMING to the beach now.

We are so happy our Israeli friends are waking us up early to explore this beautiful country!

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