Today is THE day!

A day filled with NERVES… A day filled with EXCITEMENT… A day filled with MIXED EMOTIONS .

Today’s brings a BIG CHANGE for our family as we head on a new adventure to Israel. It’s fair to say we are all nervous about what lies ahead. Leaving our beautiful home and state is not easy. Leaving our friends and family is even more difficult. We have all shed a few tears. Many of you we did not get a chance to personally speak to with the chaos moving.

But, we don’t feel like it’s goodbye.

The world has become so much closer with technology and social media. 7-thousand miles can be as close as a phone call, text, DM or WhatsApp. Please reach out with any and all!

Last night I read an inspiring message about change that we hope to embrace. It said Change, in many ways, can be terrifying. But, change, is a critical part of life. If we fail to change, stagnation will undoubtedly consume us. So through this incredibly BIG CHANGE, moving to the Middle East, we hope to grow in ways we can’t even imagine.

We are going to MISS YOU ALL!

3 comments on “Today is THE day!

  1. Hi, I just saw you on News 4 CBS Denver, talking about vaccinations in Israel. I was curious why did your family move to Israel? Is your husband Jewish? I’ve thought about making aliyah, but I don’t have the guts to do it. Thank you, Jay Bloomfield

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