Sophomore Year OVER!

An unforgettable Sophomore year comes to an end!  Josh officially completed 10th grade and I’m sure he will remember this one for the rest of his life!

Moving to a different country, starting a new boarding school, and making friends with classmates from around the world. I couldn’t be more proud of how he rose to the challenges and discovered new interests along the way.

Saying goodbye to classmates on the last day.  

That includes joining the model UN Team as the youngest member, and becoming a talented debater.  Learning the importance of service visiting new immigrant African children in hospitals after their surgeries. And volunteering to clean up polluted areas across Israel.  

He would say the best week was when he wasn’t physically at school.  Mission week was his absolute highlight, spending a week on the road learning in real time about the politics in conflict areas across the country.

Visiting a Christian Monesary at Wadi Qelt during Mission Week

All this while playing baseball on an Israeli team and learning to speak and read Hebrew.  A new skill we have taken full advantage of in restaurants recently to read the menus. After closing its’ border to tourists, the one use menus now required are usually only printed in Hebrew- no separate English version.

It’s worth mentioning the language lessons have all be his own effort, leaving school to meet with a private tutor since Hebrew is not taught at his school.

This is the year Josh grew ten-fold in so many ways!  A sophomore year to remember!

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