Shabbat Safety

I started the day off at the gym and later we all went out to eat lunch.  At lunch I began to receive several texts from a group message with families at our apartment building. 

We live in a small apartment building with 6 floors and 2 apartments on each floor. There is a mix of families from Israel, Germany, Switzerland and other countries including our family from the US.

We access the building using a keypad to unlock the common door to enter the building.

Apparently, someone had propped the door open and/or unlocked the door so anyone could access the building. This was especially a concern because the week we arrived, someone had their electric bike stolen from a higher floor after they left it outside their apartment in the hallway.

This all happened on a Saturday in the middle of Shabbat.  I should mention that for conservative Jews on Shabbat, you should not do any work including touching buttons. We stayed at a hotel on a visit years earlier that had a Shabbat elevator.  It ran constantly and stopped on every floor to accommodate this. We also rented an apartment on that same visit that had Shabbat appliances.  It allowed you to use them without pressing any buttons.

The back and forth text conversation involved how to keep everyone safe while still being considerate of Shabbat observances. This was new territory for us for sure!


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