Meters and Kilometers not MILES

I headed to my newly joined gym for a run before we packed up Josh and left for the school.  It was very crowded for a Saturday morning.  I found a treadmill and started to program my run.  I noticed right away there was an issue.  The program was in HEBREW! 

Since most treadmills work the same I was able to get it going easily.  Then I noticed the pace and distance was in kilometers not miles.

I did a quick calculation in my head knowing what a 5k and 10k distances were to set distance and I just ran at a comfortable pace that felt similar to my normal pace.  I was a little off, but at least I got in a workout.

I realized I need to learn kilometers not only for this, but my google maps also calculates distances in meters and kilometers not MILES.  My few driving experiences have made this confusing for me, so I just watch the map to see how close I am to the next turn or exit. 

I also use it to find places on my electric bike, so this is something I need to learn quickly.

The car speedometer and gas gauge are also foreign to me.

On a similar note, using Celsius has also been confusing to me.  Our oven and thermostat are set in Celsius as well as the weather forecast for the day. 

The weather is not such a big deal because every day is just HOT!  But cooking has been a problem.  Thank god for google!  But, I realize these things need to become second nature to me as well.

Does this ring a bell? Have something to share?