Josh’s Unforgettable Mission Trip

What a week for Josh! He just returned from Mission Week at school taking these amazing photos documenting his trip. Students spent the week in different locations across Israel discussing topics unique to the area.


Not surprised, Josh chose the East and his group focused on politics and learning about the Palestinian and Israeli narritive on the conflict.

He visited the West Bank area and the desert.  Places like Cave of Patriarches in Hebron where he said just being there you could see the tension between both sides. 


Wadi Kelt the monastery carved in the mountain. 


Lifta a Palestinian Arab Village near Jerusalem, a shrine to Moses,


a mosque

and where Issac and his wives are thought to be buried.


The last day, all the groups met  in the desert and concluded the trip with a sunrise hike


up Masada (an ancient fortress) near the Dead Sea.


Josh says the group discussions got heated at times considering his classmates are Israeli AND Palestinian, as well as from all over the world.  There were spontaneous debates on the bus and students correcting tour guides who passed along biased information as facts.

He couldn’t stop talking to me about what he saw, heard and learned over the past week!

Thank you #emis

One comment on “Josh’s Unforgettable Mission Trip

  1. Wonderful, beautiful photos from Josh’s trip! Thanks so much for sharing. I was thinking of you this morning, wondering how you’re all doing…and magically your updates appeared. I’m enjoying every minute of your family’s amazing adventure.
    Doris (your Mom’s friend)

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