Israel Independence Day 2021

This year we had an opportunity to really experience Israel’s Independence Day.  Although we were here last year, it was a completely different experience in lockdown.  The celebrations begin the evening before and people packed the streets of Tel Aviv. Josh brought home 4 friends since they had a long weekend off school with the holiday.  The boys went to Rabin Square late.  They said it was crowded with thousands of people spraying silly string everywhere. This went on all night as part of the celebrations all over town. Josh said there were parties everywhere along Dizengoff (a popular street in Tel Aviv).

The next day we headed over to the beach to see the air show that was taking place over the Mediterranean Sea.


The beach is just a 2 minute walk from the apartment, so we brought some snacks and sat on the stairs leading down to the beach for a good view. I think I got the time wrong because it seemed like we were waiting for a while as more and more people gathered. Many people dressed in the blue and white patriotic colors, carried flags and other patriotic gear.

saw one woman who had her hair dyed blue, but not sure if she did it for Independence Day or if it was always that way.

The first planes shot across the sky in formation sending a sense of pride on the people who watched below.

We watched formation after formation of the Israeli planes including the planes nose diving with a trail of white smoke behind. 

The event ended with the planes leaving behind a heart for all to see below.

Like the 4th of July in the states, the day is also marked with lots of barbecues. We had our own inviting two families from Boulder to join us. It was a really fun day to really experience our first Independence Day in Israel.

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