EMIS orientation

Our new babysitter Batchen (I’ve learned the English spelling) was watching the girls today so Jim and I could attend orientation at Josh’s new school. EMIS (Eastern Mediterranean International School) was having a meeting to explain the academics, philosophy, structure of the school and who to contact for information.  When we arrived, Josh was no where to be found. We were running a little late so headed straight to where the meeting would be held. 

The campus seemed even larger than on our previous visit. 

The auditorium the orientation was being held was a long walk across the campus on a very hot day.  The auditorium was very new and modern unlike many of the buildings we had previously seen on campus.

There were a lot of people on campus this day and a variety of languages being spoken by everyone. At the orientation they introduced all the people who would be important to know during the school year including a lot of counselors for academics, social life, dorm life etc. 

We also heard from the school founder who attending a similar international school in Canada as a teen and wanted to bring the concept to Israel. He envisioned not only Israelis and Palestinians attending school and boarding together, but kids from all around the world. He said he wanted to make education a force for peace and sustainability. We also heard from an Israeli and Palestinian student who helped organized a trip last year to the 5 borders of Israel and the effort involved in planning the student led trip.

After the orientation, there was a lunch for everyone and we met a nice woman from Kenya who had a son a year older than Josh.  We left feeling very good about the choice we had made for Josh to attend school. It was also nice to see him so happy in his new environment. He really loved his new school after just a few days and all of the new friends he was meeting from all over the world!

Does this ring a bell? Have something to share?