Doctor Visit #3, House Call

If you read my earlier post, you know I had a BAD ear infection.  I wasn’t any better after seeing the private doctor at his apartment and trying to use our state sponsored insurance.  It was Day 5 and I was hurting!  The kids were at school for their normal half day on Fridays, so Jim and I were together.  We normally drop the kids at school together, but I couldn’t go today.  Our routine also includes running home along the coast…obviously couldn’t do that either.  All I could do was lay in bed and hope the throbbing and pain would stop.  I had already lost most of the hearing in my left ear from all the fluid build up, and I was MISERABLE!

A few weeks ago, JIm’s colleague had mentioned his daughter was sick and told us he had a doctor come to their apartment in the middle of the night. Doctors do house calls in Israel???  We learned this was not an unusual practice even with the state sponsored insurance.  It wasn’t the middle of the night, but that sounded like a great option for me!  While I laid in bed, Jim jumped on his computer and made a few calls.  He came in the bedroom a little later and told me a doctor would be coming to the apartment at 12:45.  I was excited to see a doctor, but not overly optimistic after my last 2 doctor visits and I was still sick.


The doctor showed up on time, dressed professionally and spoke perfect English!  Doctor Roy asked me some questions about my medical condition to this point and then examined my ears.  He confirmed I had a pretty severe ear infection (I think he said the worst he had seen in an adult) and asked to see the medication my previous private doctor prescribed.  He told me I needed something stronger.  JIm and the kids had come home at this point and heard the end of his diagnosis.  The house call doctor prescribed new medication for me, and set a follow up appointment at his office two days later.  On his way out, he also joked with JIm that I was strictly banned from doing any housework this weekend.  I was so impressed with this house call private doctor process, I may never visit a doctors office again!

Does this ring a bell? Have something to share?