Celebrating the Shavuot Holiday Amid Rockets

We had a night and day without sirens on Sunday. It was an Israeli holiday so many people were out on the beach and around town.

Tel Aviv Beach

Everyone was still on high alert listening for sirens that could happen at any time.  Mika had her Hebrew lesson and went for a bike ride.

We were invited for dinner, so I planned to order a cheesecake to bring.  Shavuot is known as the dairy holiday so cheesecakes are sold everywhere here. A good bakery was recommended for me and I saw they had an amazing white choloclate cheesecake I planned to bring.  I got busy and waited until the afternoon.  I knew cheesecakes were popular, but what I didn’t expect was for bakeries to sell out!  I realized late in afternoon all the bakeries I called did not have ANY cheesecakes left!  The original bakery I wanted to order from did not have any cakes, but I noticed they had slices.  So I ordered what I thought was enough slices to make into a cake to take to dinner.  It wasn’t perfect when they arrived, but it was good enough.   

My cheesecake put together with individual slices

I was a little nervous for the drive, but it was close (especially with no traffic) so we did it. A friend had sent me the instructions they give if you are in a car when sirens go off. I  prayed that would not happen while we were on the road.

In the middle of everything, we were able to celebrate the Shavuot holiday with friends and their family.

Since this is the dairy or cheese holiday, there was no meat for dinner. Instead most dishes were made with cheese or dairy…including the incredible homemade cheesecakes for dessert!

Green shakshuka and Quiche among many other dishes for dinner
This homemade cheesecake was AMAZING!

We were even luckier the family has Moroccan roots so this Moroccan Mama threw down in the kitchen!

It’s so nice to be able to celebrate new holidays in Israel.

The history behind this holiday is when God gave Jews the Torah.

No one has been able to explain why cheese and dairy are the primary dishes for this holiday, but I’m not complaining. If I could have a meal and cheesecakes like this every year- it could easily become my favorite holiday on the calendar!   

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