A Lesson in Laundry

Everyday I learn something new living in Israel.  Today was no different, but it involved the laundry.

I asked Batchen to help me keep up with the kids laundry.  It is a million degrees, so multiple showers each day means multiple loads of dirty laundry.  The laundry here also takes much longer to do with smaller appliances, longer washing cycles and most things are hung to dry outside.

I also had to learn how to use the new Israeli appliances.  The washer was easy enough to figure out, but although there are positions for different types of clothes, you also have to program a TEMPERATURE to wash them.  I’ve already told you the Celsius thing has thrown me off!

The dryer here is unlike any dryer I have ever used in the US.  It has a long cartridge that fills with water that has to be emptied after each cycle.

But first, you have to program it to iron dry, cupboard dry, strong dry or extra dry.  I just want my clothes DRY when it’s done!  I have no idea what the rapid dry does or why it’s not all rapid?

I thought I had it all figured out after a few weeks of doing the laundry.  But, apparently Batchen knew right away I didn’t.  As I was showing her what I did she told me I was apparently putting the laundry detergent in the wrong place or where the fabric softener went.  She said that was clear by the flower on the cartridge which indicates the softener goes there.  THEN she noticed what I thought was bleach on top of the appliances.  She asked why I had that product here with the laundry detergent.  When I explained to her it was bleach, she told me it was NOT and product for cleaning the floors and house…NOT FOR LAUNDRY!

I immediately went to the store to correct my mistake, making sure to ask an English speaker to help me find the bleach.  I found a nice man who directed me to the same product I purchased before.  I asked If this was for laundry and he told me the same thing Batchen said, NO.  I was confused (and so was he).  After a 10 minute discussion, I learned bleach was not the same in Israel.  The liquid Clorox bleach that is commonly found in the US is not sold here.  I asked the man what Israeli’s used to keep their clothes white and he pointed out another product. It was a powder sold in a small can!

I was already embarrassed, that I had been bleaching my clothes with a house cleaning product and I didn’t know about the whitening POWDER Israeli’s use.  But, I went in for MORE.  After he handed me the can with all the Hebrew words, I knew when I got home I would have no idea how to use it!  Directions mean nothing if you can’t read them.  He told me there was a scoop inside so I just use that.  Now that I’m home, I realize I failed to ask if the scoop of powder goes in with the liquid detergent or inside with the clothes???  #notinamericaanymore

One comment on “A Lesson in Laundry

  1. So funny! You are lucky to have such a helpful babysitter. I had to ask an Israeli friend to send me a picture of the stain spray and laundry detergent she uses so I could buy it at the store.

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