Rosh Hashanah

This is a special week in Israel.  The kids are out of school for a few days and everyone has time off work for Rosh Hashanah.  The holiday celebrating the Jewish New Year, begins on Sunday evening and ends Tuesday evening.  There are special celebrations everywhere and people do many things to start off the new year on a good note.  That includes a common greeting everyone uses this time of year L’shanah tovah (“for a goodyear”).  One of the things I’ve learned from Batchen is that people often go to Jerusalem late at night to visit the Western Wall. 

She did this a few weeks ago and says visiting the Holy site around midnight to pray gives you an incredible feeling.

People also leave special notes that are placed into the wall, which I also did when I visited last week.

When Batchen visited there were older ladies that handed out a single piece of string to tie around your wrist for good luck in the new year. 

She also got me one when when she was there that I proudly wear (but not sure how long it will stay on chasing the kids around).

Summer’s soccer team also had a special celebration for the Jewish New Year after practice today.  

The celebration included a toast…

they handed out wine (grape juice)

for the girls to toast.

and a table full of sweets.  

Apples dipped in honey are often served at this time in hopes of a good and sweet year.  

Pomegranate is also a common food we see all over the country now symbolic of fertility and good deeds for the Jewish new year.  

We are looking forward to having our first Rosh Hashanah here starting tomorrow night.


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